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Ten Ways to Care for Biodiversity

A Framework for Communities to Listen and Learn, Reflect and Contemplate, and Act together.

The Ten Ways draw from First Nations peoples, scientists, activists, community groups and faith traditions to inspire and guide us to care for Biodiversity.

A guide to help your community engage in activities that encourage care for our common home, the Ten Ways involve first listening and learning, then reflecting, followed by acting. It then continues in a constant learning, reflecting and acting cycle.

This resource has been developed by the Faith and Ecology Network (FEN), an Australian interfaith network of people connecting faith with ecological awareness and care.

In the context of biodiversity collapse, the current United Nations work on a post 2020 global biodiversity framework, and the call from our First Nations to Heal Country, FEN calls on faith and other communities to better care for our biodiversity.

Our various faith traditions and the sciences do have something in common: We listen and learn from each other; We share a sense of wonder at the natural world.

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Ten Ways to Care for Biodiversity